Activate Your Talent

Step Confidently Into Your Next Success




Is the Road to Success Under Construction?

You're Excited for This New Job, But Navigating This Unfamiliar Terrain Leaves You Feeling:


Your past successes got you here, but you’re not finding the road to success clearly marked and detour into self-doubt.


You’re struggling to identify the best places to go or people to ask for the support you need in this new landscape.


You try to connect with your new coworkers but feel like you don’t speak the language or understand the customs.

Let me help you map your success

As an executive who had to navigate my multiple transitions, I know the challenges of successfully integrating into my dream role. That experience, as well as 20+ years’ experience in Leadership Development and Operations, informs my coaching approach.

I’ve managed P&L, worked in start-ups and large global organizations across multiple industries, and founded Talent Activators to guide leaders through successful transitions. I’ve helped more than 200 clients step confidently into their next success.


Activate Your Success

Signature Coaching Program: The 5-Step PLANS Method™

If you’re ready to step confidently into your next success, think of me as your tour guide of transitions. Together we’ll navigate a five-step process that includes:

  1. Mapping out plan for your new role
  2. Aligning with your stakeholders
  3. Seizing the moment by identifying and celebrating small wins
  4. Building the team
  5. Creating a global strategy and business plan for the next six months

3 Steps to Get Activated

Schedule an Activation Session

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Create a Plan

Together we’ll map out a plan for your success in your new role

Activate Your Success

Confidently navigate your new role and build your next success

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