At times our goals can seem unattainable, even when they aren’t. The key to making any goal a reality is actually in the planning. Here, I outline the best tips to accomplish nearly anything over time– a huge help for any professional.

So, you have a lofty goal in mind, but how do you go about achieving it? Is it even possible? How can it be done before a deadline?

It’s simple, and the secret is all about the planning and organization of working towards that goal.

Step 1: Break Your Goal Down Into Smaller Tasks

What’s that saying, don’t eat the whole elephant in one bite?

This first step is critical. Transforming your large goal into several smaller ones not only organizes the goal into a path, but it tricks the brain by hacking into our reward system. Smaller goals mean more chances at “success,” which can be a driving force to keep moving forward.

Step 2: Tracking Your Success

Once your big goal has been broken down into smaller ones, you have to keep track of your steps.

This not only keeps you on your path, but also builds anticipation and excitement when you are approaching big milestones (more on this later). I suggest a whiteboard or calendar that allows you cross out or fill-in when these small goals have been met. At the end, you’ll see just how you were able to arrive at your goal, reinforcing the process for the future.

Step 3: Set Up Milestones

Once you have your organizational method locked in, plug your smaller tasks from Step 1 into it and create soft deadlines– we call these Milestones.

Each milestone should be an important point in the process. Something integral to the subgoal that you’re working towards. Once more, we’re trying to hack that reward system and really feed that part of us that likes to accomplish things.

Step 4: Get Some Guidance

After you’ve been on your path a bit, you might start to recognize that some parts are a little less clear than others. This is perfectly normal, and can be remedied by a mentor or coach.

A strong mentor should be someone who has achieved your same goal once before. They will be able to provide guidance, “dos and don’ts,” and provide resources that can help tremendously. A coach on the other hand will have the tools to help you achieve the final step.

Step 5: Check In With Yourself

Self-reflection is critical in nearly every process, but during our goal-seeking behavior, it can be even more important. 

Sometimes, on the way to our goal, our priorities change. We realize things that we can change about our path, but have no idea what it means. Earnest self-reflection can help you check in with what is most important to you, and help you redefine or focus your goal into something that aligns with you to your core.

These refined goals are the ones most worth our efforts.

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