As 2019 ended, I found myself contemplating what to do next. Should I turn a page and write a new chapter? Would I focus on career, family, finances, health, relationships, spiritual fulfillment or personal development?

As the ball dropped in Times Square, I began to think about the linear process of authoring a book. Before even beginning an outline, let alone starting a whole new chapter, a writer must pick a topic.

While I hadn’t started to write my book – yet – I decided my theme. ACTIVATE.

There was something about the word that stuck with me as I started to study it. The Webster dictionary definition of activate, as a verb, is to “make (something) active or operative.” I realized that, over the past few years of my career, I was not activating certain areas that brought me enjoyment.

As I inventoried the times when I felt most activated, they were when I was traveling and when working to making a difference in the careers of others. I feel alive when I am behind the camera, discovering the beauty of other destinations, cultures and people around the world. I also love being a talent activator – helping people in organizations identify and draw out what is already within them. I’ve leveraged my knowledge in talent management and coaching to work with some amazing people around the world. Those moments with a leader and their teams activate joy in me.

For several years, people in my life have asked if I’m going to start my own business. I have had a wonderful career in large and small organizations, helping others with their career transitions. But I really struggled with the decision I had to make for myself: continue in corporate roles leading a talent function or give it a try on my own.

Every time I was asked, a voice inside said no. “WHAT” was my excuse. As I did some self-reflection over the past few months, though, I realized that “no” was out of fear.

If you really knew me you would know that I don’t always believe in myself as much as others do. When I tell people, they are often surprised. I don’t think I am alone in that, though. I’m sure that you can relate in some way. Deep down, we all are afraid of something.

If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. – Dale Carnegie

I was recently asked to define what is my personal call to courage as a leader. My call to courage was to become my own boss and start my own business called Talent Activators. After I declared it and now that I have shared it with others, it has manifested some amazing opportunities for me that I am grateful and excited to begin.

Talent Activators focuses on helping leaders navigate successful career transitions into new roles.

I hope that through the story I’ve shared with you that you will ACTIVATE something in your life and you might be afraid to do.

If you’d like to discuss activating your own talent or that of your team, message me here on LinkedIn and we’ll connect.

Fear is excitement without a breath. – Robert Heller