Activate Your Success

Step Confidently into Your Next Success

You Got the Job...Now What?

It’s thrilling! You’ve spent your entire career working toward this exciting, new role. You are leading a business unit; you have a new team with extensive responsibilities and high expectations for success. This is the role of your dreams!

All of your experiences have led to this job. You thought you were ready, but deep down you wonder why you were tapped for this role or if you made the right move accepting it. You start second-guessing your decisions and losing sleep worrying over details, deliverables, and deadlines. You begin to wonder why you ever thought you could do this.

Suddenly your new role no longer feels like a dream.

Trust me, we’ve all been there. I struggled with similar challenges in my own career transitions. Then, I realized that I didn’t have to navigate this unfamiliar territory alone.

Go from Uncertain to Confident in Your New Job

When I engaged a coach to provide an outside perspective to check and challenge my thinking, everything changed. Working with a coach taught me that to truly know I’ve put 100% of my best efforts into making my transition as successful as I could, I needed to:

Working with a coach also provided me with a safe environment to push past my doubts and develop a roadmap for success. I found the experience so invaluable that I engaged a coach more than once during role transitions in my own career before ultimately deciding that my calling was to guide others who were starting new roles.

Building on my own experiences, and mastering and implementing a process to help more than 200 leaders navigate successful transitions, I leverage this knowledge to assist others in similar situations.  I can help you, too.

Introducing the PLANS Method™

We will tailor the program based on where you are and what is needed.

If you’re ready to step confidently into your next success, think of me as your tour guide of transitions. Most coaches focus on helping you land the job. I help you master the role! Together we’ll navigate a 5-step process that includes:

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine a year in the future and each day at work feels like a dream. You’re excited to build on the previous day’s successes, empowered and supported in your role, surrounded by a high-performing team, able to approach every challenge as an opportunity to build your next success.


You know where you’re going and mapped out the best ways to get there


You’ve built trusted relationships with your team and across the organization


You’re able translate your current success into developing your next one

Are You Ready to Activate Your Success?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. You may believe that what did in your last job will easily make you successful in this new role, but we often fail because we don’t have a clear plan for the new role and don’t have a guide to help us with the transition. Imagine what it would be like to have a trusted advisor to help you navigate those critical first six months of a new job and assist with constructing the roadmap for your journey to success.

If you agree, and you’re ready to engage expert help, complete the application below. I’ll personally review your submission and reply within 24 hours with your next steps. If accepted, I’ll help you gain confidence by creating a plan, build trusted relationships, and create success in your new role.

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