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"Testimonials describe what has been, and are a promise of what is to come." Ron Kaufman.

Navigating the Path

Olivia V. is a Talent Management Executive who found success in her leadership role. Hear Olivia’s story about her transition and how she was able to increase her confidence, quiet her inner critic, and put herself on a path of success.

Getting Unstuck

Ken L. is a Digital Services Executive who made it through the blocks and embraced his best self. Hear about Ken’s experience in working with Dawn for over 6 months where he was feeling stuck and needed help getting through some things.

A Pathway to Success

Jennifer R. is a  Marketing Executive who had to step into a leadership position within her organization quickly. She had many ideas to share, but getting organized and successfully transitioning into that new role presented a challenge. Hear about Jennifer’s experience with Dawn and Talent Activators, and how the exercises presented to her helped her walk a path towards success.

Success Stories

Achieve Maximum results with dawn poteau.

I have had the benefit of having Dawn lead multiple leadership assimilation sessions during my career. Dawn was always well prepared and very astute in quickly identifying the core of the important elements of the information shared by the new team. She also clearly and succinctly summarizes this communication for those participating in the session, both the leader and team members, to coalesce on the most important themes of the session.

She is unbiased and supports full transparency in the exchange to achieve maximum results. I recommend not only using leadership assimilation when transitioning to a new leadership position, but highly recommend utilizing Dawn’s talents and expertise to lead your session.

Chris Barman, Industrial Technology Executive, Grand Rapids, MI


I had the pleasure of joining one of Renew Health’s companies. Dawn oversaw my on-boarding process. Which, over the course of my career, was the best that I have experienced. Dawn’s style was intuitive, insightful and straightforward. Her skillsets of organization, business acumen and coaching style compressed a 90 day on boarding process into 45 days. In addition, her communication process not only with me but with the new team allowed for an effective, concise, consistent and efficient transition into the position. 

Jordan Wittmeier, Head of Commercial/Operations at Life Signals Imaging, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL


I worked with Dawn Poteau at FCA for several years. During our time together, Dawn helped me and my team with learning about and applying Behavior Styles (Effectiveness Institute). 

The best part about working with Dawn was the help and support didn’t end at the one or two day class – Dawn followed up, met with us periodically after the class for concept reinforcement, and recommended follow up learnings once we had some practice with the previous content. This was amazing! It really helped cement the teachings and truly changed our business. 

As a manager, I was able to apply these skills many times since our time together. For me personally, this time with Dawn really opened my eyes not just to how I can be a better manager, but also it gave me a foundation and security to make the professional change from Engineering Manager to Certified Professional Coach. I highly recommend Dawn if you want someone who is truly interested and invested in making positive and sustainable development growth in your organization.  

Mary Parker, Global Telediagnostic Responsible, FCA Group, Metro Detroit, MI


Dawn Poteau was my executive coach when I was first promoted to to be a Senior Manager. The discussions were focused and thoughtful. The 360 survey process she created was unique to ones I had done in the past and they resonated well with how I process information and reflect on feedback. It helped me be a more thoughtful leader. It was impactful both personally and professionally. I wish everyone was fortunate enough to have a coach at least once during their careers!

Teresa Thiele, Director, MOPAR Purchasing and Supplier Operations NA at FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Detroit, MI

My Talent Activation sessions were mind-blowing.

Dawn is absolutely amazing in helping and activating talents. What she did with me was mind-blowing as she connected all the pieces through out our coaching relationship. She went as far my childhood to the present and helped me see clearly who I am and what I value the most.

In addition, she provided me with a safe space to explore things that were going on in life internally and externally and allowed me to gain clarity on my path and mission.

I highly recommend her especially if you are in the process of finding a new job. This will help in getting a job that is aligned with your values, where you will be happy and fulfilled.

Horia Patience (Mickamou) Prossaird, Petrophysicist, Algeria

I have made tangible progress.

Dawn and I worked together as part of a professional development project. Dawn’s coaching style is friendly and compassionate, yet focused and results-oriented. She is empathetic and displays integrity in everything she does. She coached me on both business and personal matters. It was a pleasure being coached by her, and with her support I have made tangible progress. I’d highly recommend Dawn to any company or person looking for a leadership development expert or executive coach.

Sarah Smyth, CPC, PCC, Coaching and Psychometric Assessments, United Kingdom

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

A picture is worth a thousand words. Hear how one of my clients was able to get her confidence back and how I was able to capture it.

Complimentary Career Activation Session

Discover How to Step Confidently into Your Next Success

Navigating the twists and turns of a new role all alone can be overwhelming. You’re too close to the situation and may not be able to see the true causes of problems or recognize their solutions. That all changes when you have an expert by your side to show you the way forward, and with my free Career Activation Session, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

If you’re ready to step confidently into your next success, think of me as your tour guide of transitions. Together we’ll navigate the journey.

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