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Strategies that drive progress, create efficiencies, and build cohesive teams

Making It Easy for New Executives to Succeed

Would you like to successfully onboard new executives? Are you looking to reduce attrition at executive-level attrition?

Here is a proven process that leads to success for leaders transitioning to new roles, and higher levels of employee retention and engagement.

The Process

1. Identify executives who would benefit from coaching
2. Schedule a conversation
3. Proposal submitted and reviewed with manager and HR business partner
4. Client-driven coaching sessions
5. Review progress, celebrate successes, and determine next steps

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5 Step Proprietary Plans Method

“I was able to evolve my leadership style, motivating the team to have new ideas to improve operational efficiency.”
Martin Corbo
“With Dawn’s coaching I increased productivity, minimized multiple meetings, and reduced time to deliver results.”
Lisa TomicVP of Pharmacy Operations, Walgreens
“Using the tools she provided we were able to focus our goals to successfully perform as a cohesive team.”
Elizabeth (Last name)SVP of Compliance (Company)

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Reduce time to competency for executives and their teams

  • Develop executives with the right skills to lead their organization
  • Provide growth opportunities for executives and reduce attrition
  • Support your executives during their transition to step confidently into their new role

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Supporting your executives helps the entire organization.

Let’s remove the uncertainty and help your leaders develop the skills they need to be successful.

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