Jennifer is a former Talent Activators client who I’ve worked with personally to help her transition into a new leadership position. Here, she really highlights some of the ways that professional coaches can get you to think outside of the box, and ask questions that prompt meaningful reflection in order to help you succeed.

My name is Jennifer Rook, and I am the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Michigan Retailers Association Retailers Insurance. I had the pleasure of meeting Dawn at an INFORUM event when she was starting her business. I took a position with the Michigan Retailers Association, which started out as remote because it was during the pandemic.

I really needed Dawn’s help in getting organized. Trying to understand, and trying to get into my role fast because there were a lot of needs within the organization. Dawn was very good about helping me get organized, helping me focus, asking me very involved questions that really got me to think. Because of her, her organization, and her calm demeanor, I was able to really ramp up quickly, ask very thoughtful questions, and really start to build credibility within my organization, all from a remote standpoint.

Because of Dawn and the tools that she provided me, I’ve been able to successfully transition into my new role and become very effective at what I do here.

Dawn is just a wonderful trainer to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone who is starting a new position in leadership.

She can really put you on the right path to success.

So, thanks Dawn.

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