Ken L. is a current client and Digital Services Executive who made it through the blocks and embraced his best self with the help of Talent Activators. Read his story.

Before I met Dawn, I had a very successful corporate and entrepreneurial career. I’ve started two businesses and one of them is a fairly new startup. I was, like a lot of us, starting to feel like I was a little stuck. There are a lot of obstacles to overcome in starting a new business venture, and I needed help getting over some of them. I’ve had some experience with coaching before, and I’m a big believer in it, especially when you find a coach who is a perfect match for your personality, skillset, and situation. For me, that was Dawn Poteau.

I’ve been working with Talent Activators for about six months now. I have been so impressed with the tools and knowledge that she’s provided to bring out my best self and to help me over those blocks, leaving me with tools that I can use even when I’m not working with her. Dawn brings a wealth of knowledge. The combination of her corporate experience, coaching skills, and intimate knowledge of Human Resources made her a great asset for myself and my company.

I highly recommend Talent Activators to anybody in the corporate world—especially anyone who is in one of those spots where you’re wondering if that’s all there is, or if you just need a little help. Dawn Poteau is the kind of person who can help you get to the next level and be your best self—not only as a business professional, but also as a leader and as your best self in general.

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