Former Talent Activators client Olivia V. offers her insight for starting your new role with confidence and having a leadership coach to help guide you along the path. Olivia explains why you need a leadership coach with a great river-rafting metaphor and her first-hand experience heading into a new role.

Starting, a new job is never an easy task, but doing it during a global pandemic, it’s an enormous transition for any individual. It’s almost like going on a white water rafting trip for the very first time. You have no idea what wherever you’re going to be on. You have no idea the speed of the river, any of the rough spots that you’re going to hit any potential safe havens, let alone what equipment you need to bring. That exact same thing happened to me recently.

I was tapped to go into a new role within my own organization. Two things came to mind when they did this: 

First, I thought, Wow! I’m honored. They have faith in me. They believe I can do this. 

Then it was, Holy crap! They really want me to do this. Now what? How am I going to navigate this white water rafting trip that I’ve never been on?

Immediately, I knew I needed the guidance of an expert who understood this river (a.k.a the industry that I’m in)–someone who knew where the rough spots were going to be, who also could guide me to some safe areas, but more importantly, a guide that would give me the tools that I would need to navigate this wild ride. 

And when I thought about who I could go to, who I know in my own network that can help navigate this new trip that I’m going to be on, there was only one person that naturally came to mind, an individual who knew the industry. She’s helped other professionals navigate transitions in their careers, but more importantly understood what I needed in order to do a successful transition. 

And that person was Dawn Poteau. From our very first meeting, we sat down and we really laid out in a very thoughtful way, what my objectives were going to be. And then we worked through the challenges of doing this during a pandemic and created plans for moving forward. 

What I really loved about working with Dawn was that she provided me with a very customized approach that gave me support. It gave me guidance, and it gave me practical skills that I could apply to the transition that I was going through. In the process of working with Dawn, I increased my confidence. I quieted that critic inside me, that little voice that wants to tell you you can’t but in reality, you have everything inside you to be able to succeed. Dawn was really helpful and gave me some tactics to quiet that voice. And in the end, she sat me on a path of success.

So if you are looking at transitioning into a new role, if you’ve been tapped to go into a new direction call Dawn! She empowered me to transition during a very rough ride on this whitewater rafting trip. Not only did I survive, but I’ve made a very successful transition into my new role. 

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