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Leading From The Heart

Businesses are paying a high cost due to attrition of executives that are not successful in new roles, because in many cases executives lack clarity about what is expected of them.

Together we can use a proven process that makes it easy for executives to successfully integrate and onboard into their new roles… so they can get out of their heads and into the hearts of their teams.

Coaching for Successful Transitions

Develop Talent

Develop executives with the right skills to lead their organization.

Reduce Attrition

Reduce attrition when employees are given opportunities for growth.

Gain Confidence

Find confidence and clarity as you step into a new role.

Hi, I'm Dawn.

As an executive who had to navigate my multiple transitions, I know the challenges of successfully integrating into my dream role. That experience, as well as 20+ years’ experience in Leadership Development and Operations, informs my coaching approach.

I’ve managed P&L, worked in start-ups and large global organizations across multiple industries, and founded Talent Activators to guide leaders through successful transitions. I’ve helped more than 200 clients step confidently into their next success.


  • PCC Certified Coach
  • Leadership Versatility Index 360
  • Hogan Assessments
  • CQ Certified (Cultural Intelligence)
  • SHRM-SCP (Senior Certified Professional)
  • PMP (Project Management Professional)


"I highly recommend Dawn if you want someone who is truly interested and invested in making positive and sustainable development growth in your organization."
Mary Parker
Global Telediagnostic Responsible

Areas of Specialization

executive coaching

A transformative, client-driven approach to help gain new skills and confidence to tackle a new role.


Define the vision for the future and clearly identify the organization’s goals and objectives.

Leadership Assimilation

Facilitated process for the executive team creates early bonding and energizes the team from the start.

Onboarding process improvement and strategy sessions

Designed for the organization to learn tactics and approaches to increasing successful executive onboarding.

According to the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), 50% to 70% of executives fail within 18 months of taking a new role.

When new executives feel supported, it benefits the organization as a whole.

We all deserve a chance to prove ourselves, and with the right support, new leaders will be able to achieve great things, even if they are unfamiliar or scary.

"She is unbiased and supports full transparency in the exchange to achieve maximum results."
Chris Barman
CEO Project Re:Car, Re:Build Manufacturers
"Her communication process allowed for an effective, concise, consistent and efficient transition into the position."
Jordan Wittmeier
Head of Commercial/Operations
"Dawn’s process… helped me be a more thoughtful leader. It was impactful both personally and professionally."
Teresa Thiele
Vice President- Global Body & Interior
Aftermarket Purchasing

Are you looking to successfully onboard new executives? Are you taking on a new role and need guidance?

Together we can remove the struggle and use proven methods that have helped onboard over 200 executives into new roles with confidence and skills needed to succeed.

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