I have always been in a position of service in my career to someone. But, coaching entirely changed how and who I serve, and I’m never looking back.

Have you had one of those days where everything falls into place? Where the people, messages, and your internal compass are in alignment and firing on all cylinders? I experienced just that kind of day. I recently spoke with fellow coach Sherry Welsh about my journey while catching up about the past four years and how much has changed for us both. I met Sherry in 2015 and we connected again two years later at The World Happiness Summit in Miami, Florida. On the return flight we found ourselves sitting next to one another and talked about major changes coming in our personal and professional lives. Since then, we stayed in touch and a few weeks ago based on a job change she announced on LinkedIn we connected again.

While catching up, I mentioned I had just celebrated my first year in business. I don’t remember the exact question she asked, but she asked me something that launched us into a thought-provoking inquiry. Sherry asked if I had heard of the “Prosperous Coach” by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin. Steve Chandler had been her coach for several years and she shared with me her journey. Sherry also mentioned Melissa Ford, a fellow coach that had studied with Steve Chandler, who recently wrote a book called “Living Service: Journey of a Prosperous Coach”.

As soon as I hung up the phone, I sent an email to Melissa and downloaded her book. I had listened to the “Prosperous Coach” recently and was intrigued to hear Melissa’s experience. Some of my readers know that while I enjoy holding a book in my hands and marking it up, I am a huge Audible fan and love hearing the author read their work. Melissa and I took many walks/drives together as I listened to her story. One of the messages that clicked immediately for me was living service. It was as though I was hearing the word service for the first time. Melissa’s message connected with me immediately. Later that week I was able to talk to Melissa and share my journey and how blessed I am to be serving the clients in my business. I want to be of service to people. I feel that my service and my contribution in this world is through coaching and the connections that I make with people around the world.

I am currently serving amazing people from many different industries (non-profit, eCommerce, automotive, medical device, pharmaceuticals, and retail, among others) in various stages of their careers.

The concept of service is not new, but I’m committed to doing the work and learning how to better serve my clients and my business. As this new discovery came, so have amazing opportunities. So many wonderful people and experiences are falling into place based on the work I’ve been doing as a coach and with the help of my coaches. I am excited to see how my journey will unfold.

As Melissa shared with me, you need to slow down to go fast in order to serve your clients and to listen for what may serve them best. For those that have known me over the years you are probably laughing a bit: “Dawn, go slow!” Well, I am doing just that. I’ve paused my video series and with the help of my virtual assistant we are looking at changing up a few things. I hope that you will start to see a greater focus in the coming months around a service mindset. If you would like to connect to have a conversation about what is going on with you, please reach out. I would love to have a conversation.

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