Strategies that develop confidence, build skills,
and drive momentum

Change Your Life

Do you fear the unknown? Are you feeling anxious about stepping into a new role?

Have a trusted advisor who has been through multiple transitions help you gain confidence in taking on new challenges.

The Process

Step 1: Schedule a conversation 
Step 2: Review custom approach
Step 3: Reach agreement and schedule sessions
Step 4: Client-driven coaching sessions
Step 5: Review progress, celebrate successes, and determine next steps

5 Step Proprietary Plans Method



  • Create your plan for onboarding in your new leadership position.
  • Figure out what you need to know about the company culture.
  • Start making important connections.


  • Build trusted relationships with stakeholders.
  • Get clarity on the company’s strategic goals and priorities, challenges, and opportunities.


  • Find opportunities to seize the moment.
  • Recognize the early wins for your team.
  • Solicit informal feedback from trusted colleagues.
  • Find opportunities to make the role your own.


  • Address future team structures.
  • Assess capabilities, engagement, and potential development gaps.


  • All of this work will culminate with a strategy and business plan for next six months.
  • Seek input on the strategy and ensure a global perspective.

Learn to Lead From The Heart

    • Make a commitment to yourself to develop your skills and grow
    • Change the direction of your life and the trajectory of your career
    • Shift your mindset to get out of your head and into your heart

Get Out of Your Own Way

You can be successful in your new role and show your executive team they made the right choice in giving you a new opportunity.

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