Sometimes we can lose sight of the people who support us the most. In our efforts to push ourselves and become the best at what we do in our organization, we can sometimes overlook the impact of their support. 

Let me tell you a story about an amazing woman who inspires me every day: my mother.

This story begins in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1964, when she was just a fresh high school graduate who wanted a career as a medical technician. While not working in a doctor’s office, she continued her education and met her goal.

Eventually, she moved to Franklin, Michigan, and worked at a new doctor’s office. Within her 20 year employment at that office, she got married, had a child and eventually decided to transition into a new career at age 38.

She took on a temporary position which soon became a full time opportunity, and had the luck of finding an impactful mentor in the company– Joyce. Joyced encouraged my mother throughout her career there, and helped her succeed all the way up to her position as a team leader. 

Joyce’s mentorship inspired my mother to eventually become a staunch advocate for her team. She ensured that even those who were being let go were treated fairly. 

But the story doesn’t stop with Joyce–my mother has mentioned many people who inspired her and taught her important lessons that stuck with her until she retired in 1999.

Now, this story of my mother reminds of a crucial lesson:

Sometimes it takes those around us to remind ourselves that we are capable of great things.

They can encourage us at just the right times, which can push us to seek great opportunities that we might otherwise pass up.

Throughout the many transitions in my career, my mother has always been behind the scenes encouraging me. She often reminds me, “You can do it, honey.” Which I appreciate so much. Her support has been vital to my journey, and I thank her always.

So take a minute to think: who in your circle has inspired you to take opportunities and be the best you can be in your organization?

I look forward to hearing about them.

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