I sat down with two of my colleagues, Lauren Ammon and Cheryl Czach. They are both certified Leadership Coaches. I have worked alongside them and collaborated with them on occasion. I asked them both about the single most surprising thing about Coaching, and their answers surprised even me!

Cheryl Czach: Working on the Self

“What I didn’t anticipate is how much work I was going to be doing on myself! I think it’s just as important for us as coaches to experience what it’s like to go through that process. It helps us become better coaches.”

This is so true, but not something that you can ever really anticipate before entering into your Coaching education.

At the core of the job is your ability to help others self-reflect. It takes deep understanding of how the changes from self-reflection happen to be a good coach. Likewise, you must understand where your client is at any given time within that change process.

The way you approach your time with them makes all the difference.

Also, this really calls back to getting the right Coaching education. Only a rich Coaching education that you connect with can help you achieve what Cheryl is talking about here. 

Lauren Ammon: Making Meaningful Connections

“It’s the relationships that were developed. I didn’t anticipate walking into a room for us… The depth of which those connections stay is something that never would have crossed my mind.”

Coaches who enter a good Coaching program are almost immediately welcomed into a supportive tribe. Being surrounded by so many people may feel a bit overwhelming. But the training that you all do connects you.

Moreover, they remain valuable connections throughout your career. They are sources of further education, advice, and innovation. Not to mention, you will likely work alongside them at some point in your career.

I have never experienced this kind of community before. Bouncing ideas off them has been one of the most enriching parts of my Coaching experience.

Most importantly, you learn to be open and honest with others. Your clients will be vulnerable in your work with them. If you have the right experiences, this vulnerability is met with confidence.

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