The Coaches Corner: Leadership Coach Hunting

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So, you’ve decided to hire a Leadership Coach, but where do you start? These 5 simple tips will help you find the perfect Leadership Coach to fit you and your situation.

Determine Your Needs

This first step is vital to finding the right leadership coach for you. Take the time to sit and write out what you need from a coach– what kind of challenge are you facing that you’d like their help with? What is your ideal ROI? Questions like these don’t need answers just yet, but they are good starting points to begin your search. Look for coaches who specialize in some of these needs, and make a list of them to narrow down as you continue.

Leadership Coach Certification

While you are gathering that initial list of coaches, it’s important to pay attention to their certifications. The gold standard for Professional or Leadership Coaches is from the International Coaching Federation. Coaches with a certification are trained individuals who have industry proven tools and exercises that can help you navigate any challenge.

Discovery Call

Most coaches offer introductory or discovery calls that allow you two to meet and discuss your wants and needs prior to moving forward. During that call the coach will ask you a series of questions to get to know you and your situation better, and you should do the same!

Speak With Multiple Leadership Coaches

This one is important. Speaking with multiple coaches will give you a holistic and well-rounded set of answers, strategies, and gameplans to make the best decision you can when choosing your next coach. The largest benefit here will also be the multiple price estimates you’ll be able to choose from.

Find Someone Who You’re Comfortable With

After you’ve narrowed down your list to just a few potential coaches, your biggest determining factor should be whichever coach you’re feeling most open and honest with. The coaching experience, unlike mentoring or advising, is focused on your personal growth. Rarely will a coach ever tell you how to go about doing something, but instead will help you reflect on how to come to the best decision for yourself. The more open you’re feeling to them, the greater your success will be with any coach.

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