A common concern for those thinking of investing in Leadership Coaching is value. This is largely due to the nebulous benefits of Leadership Coaching. However, an investment in a Leadership Coach is money well spent for years to come.

If you’ve ever considered hiring a Leadership Coach, you have likely asked: “Is it worth it?” Despite the client testimonials and stories of success, people often worry that coaching isn’t the answer to their challenge.

Here’s the thing. Leadership Coaches don’t just give you advice out of thin air. They are people who have been in high-level corporate positions. Not to mention, they have very often benefited from coaching themselves.

So, what kind of results can they achieve?

A study conducted by Manchester, Inc. concluded that coaching can have a six-time return on investment. The participants of the study were all executives from Fortune 1000 companies.

What exactly does that mean? How do we quantify this finding?

That’s difficult to say. The tools, exercises, advice and direction they provide aren’t concrete. But the benefits are certainly there. Instead of trying to make sense of it all, let’s instead look at one example of a focus area a coach may work on.

Self-Reflection with a Leadership Coach

Often, we get in our own way. That’s just how it is. We can get caught up in one line of thinking. When that happens, we become totally blind to the alternatives.

This can be especially dangerous if you don’t have a team to help you address a problem at alternative angles. This is where critical self-reflection can save you.

A Leadership Coach helps direct you in self-reflective exercises. These exercises are not just for the immediate problem. The tools provided by a leadership coach can be utilized in any situation that arises in your career.

Moreover, their methods are often backed by organizational psychologists or large corporations who have seen immense success with the very same tools.

Once you have the tools for self-reflection in a directed way, you will open many doors in your career. These doors lead to others. Eventually, you will find yourself calling on the exercises provided by your Leadership Coach to help with the new challenges behind them.

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